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Crack & Seam Repairs : Cracks and seams can be repaired as if they were never there.

Sink Installation : Damaged sinks can be replaced and can appear as if they were always in the solid surface top. SSR can replace a cast iron sink with a solid surface or stainless steel under mount sink.

Countertop Modification : SSR can modify any solid surface countertop for a new cook top. Fill in an area or make it larger to accept new appliances. This enables you to keep your existing solid surface investment.

Refinish/Refurbish : SSR can refinish your solid surface top to look like new.


SSR can repair your solid surface material around your store hours to insure there are no interruptions in your business.

Most repairs are done on site and in one day.

Repairs are almost always more cost effective and less time consuming than a total replacement.

SR Offers customized refinishing programs for major and minor scratches, chips, cracks and cut outs (for new equipment)

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